Monday, July 12, 2010


Malibu tropicana pina colada gradient nailz;
  • Topshop Bee's Knees
  • Essie Van D'go
  • American Apparel Office
  • Ettusais Green
  • Swarovskis
Very malibu barbie don't you think? Made me daydream about an escape to the tropics for a bit. But back to real life, I have to report in at 7am tmr. OMGWTFBBQ. So as uncharacteristic as it is for me to sleep before midnight, I rly must turn in now :/

p/s: lookout for the debut of these babies on the blog soon. Finally got my hands (fingers) on them~!~!~! :3


Anonymous said...

Oooh how much did the rings cost/

Denise said...

sgd 280 ea :)

Anonymous said...

did you get them online or in store? :)