Thursday, July 1, 2010


So today I wore my favourite 3x wolf t... I went out to meet Sandhya, my schm8 fr ACJC and only my most favourite veterinarian in the world~ We had Thai @ Sunshine Plaza thnx to Jo's recommendation afew days baq.

Sandy was l8, because, you know, no one expects Karate Kid to be tt long of a movie. So no worries, I pride myself at being a lone shopper (I'm most efficient and also, most damaging that way). In the 0.5hr tt I waited, I kind of got a big bag fr Steve Madden. I got 2 pairs of shoes fr the sale~ In my defense they are both comfy and have different purposes haha. 1's for werk, and the other's more for partying/gg out I guess.

Shoe #1: The studded heel says Gucci fr. a few seasons baq, but the platform embellishment says Chanel (well sort of, just that Chanel's is of pearls). It'll go naicely w all my blue and pink shirts v(^_^)v

Shoe #2: Fell in luv w it the mo I saw it~ The insane platform, the sandal cut (no probability of blisters or death by toe squeezing), the faux semi precious stones, the gold studs, not to mention comfy enough for elong8ed periods of time (read: clubbin). Pity tt it isn't exactly corporate altho I can prob try for dress down Fridays... and pity also that it isnt a wedge. If not it'd be moar than perfect.

Platform mcluvin~ :>

It's my first day of work tmr :s Wurried. Must remember to not be awkward. Or retarded. Both of which I am highly capable of. Time to go to bed! If there's anything worse that an awkward retard, it's an awkward retarded zombie.


Anonymous said...

Hi! May I know whr'd you buy the hunter green sparkly baby g? and what's the model? thx!

Denise said...

hi~ i got it in bkk... but to my knowledge mustafa sells it for waaaaay cheaper so check it out there. and sry i threw away the box and everything so i don't have the model no. :x

Kelly said...

Omgosh, I love those denim heels!

<3 Kelly