Thursday, June 10, 2010


Yesterday's makeup + outfit detailz to B:
  • Merman eyes, using;
  • MAC's pearlglide in Black Russian (black with blue sprkl) and Undercurrent (emerald sprkl),
  • MAC's powerpoint liner in So There Jade (light pearlescent grn),
  • Too Faced's glitter liquid eyeliner in Restraining Order (blu + grn + iridescents)
  • and Shu Uemura lasehes in luxe brown
  • Wearing;
  • American Apparel top
  • Topshop harem pants
  • Antique rings (except for the opal)
Ughhh got so wasted last night, damn you champagne!

p/s: I rly like how my photobooth captured miniature northern lights~


joanne said...

does your powerpoint liner smudge when u apply it to the lowerlid?
for me its smudges like crazy!!!

Denise said...

Nope it doesnt!!! remember to let it set before you blink and maybe put some primer on your lower line... powerpoint is super budge proof for me, unless I'm sweating or smthg!

Anonymous said...

do you put mascara to your false lashes after putting it on?

Denise said...

^ nope! I don't use any mascara when i put my lashes on, I just curl my lashes and then stick the false ones as close as i can to the lash line :>