Tuesday, June 29, 2010


I had a very awesome day. Not epic, but pretty damn awesome in that life's simple pleasures way. To elabor8,
  • I brought Euji (Eugene's japanese name) out for lunch to repay him for treating me to dinner last night... and suffice to say Ippudo is our all time favourite relatively affordable restaurant?!@?#!?@#@!#? Muaha. Idk why people think its overrated. We luv it~ Tdy we had sakura tea, renkon chips, shrimp bun, and the usual ramen (Euji had prk belly but none of tt disgusting innards for me kthnx)... MAJOR YUM.
  • Aft lunch we (okay I) went krz at Daiso, I love tt place and it's $2 goodness...
  • Thn we mrted dwn to Cityhall to collect our corporate wear from the tailor's... all rdy to start werk, LE SIGH. Euji will be starting werk the same day as me, he's doing the graduate program @ Jones Lang Lasalle.
  • I left for flbl trng aft that and it was fun v(._.)v Ample game time ftw. Supper/gossip/bitchin sesh with the grlz @ some thai plc afters was pretty fun too.
As I said, awesome much? I think the only negative point (and nt rly negative since its from an opportunity cost perspective) was that I couldn't make time to go to Kino for their last day of 20% strwide. Miau.


esther said...

WHAT GOSSIP. must tell me!

Denise said...


Debra said...

never buy comics for me :(

anw it shld be yuji. "e" in jap speak is like pronounced like the "e" in "red"