Monday, January 11, 2010


Topshop wolf dress, H&M stockings, Vtg velvet coat, Balenciaga city

It was so hot when I left my house that I stripped off my stockings and left the coat at home. Am really missing european weather. Had a gr8 dinner at Izakaya Nijumaru @ Cuppage... jap rice, pork soup, unagi, bacon + asparagus, chicken teriyaki, beef teriyaki, chawanmushi and of course green tea. Thinking abt it all makes me hungry again. After that we caught Avatar 3D which was pure love. Shure, the base plot has been overused even before the time of Captain Planet, but how bt that USB hair?!@?!? Goddamn!


SAUVAGE said...

loveee the crushed leather jacket with the Rodarte-esque tights!

Anonymous said...

<3 the coat! :D

xo Michelle

Denise said...

THNX both :D