Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sheesh I luv Abbey-Lee so much that if i ever had a daughter I'd call her that. She makes me want a nose ring so bad.


Anonymous said...

she pierced her nipples too. omg.

Anonymous said...

I had a nose ring once. It generally looks bad on cheena noses. let ang mohs delight in their sharp tips and high bridges..

- another anonymous.

Denise said...

@anon1: ya!!! but shes sexy. and she has b00bs for such a skinny girl. so i guess she can carry it off.

@anon2: haha sigh sigh butterfly. plights of being an asian. wondering if the piercing was painful tho in your opinion?

Anonymous said...

just a quick sting. i wore the ring for a few years... then got sick of it and took it off. it left a very unsightly (and PERMANENT) metal stain on my nose which looks like a giant blackhead. so yah not very advisable.