Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Today's gold chain details- topshop bicycle shorts, gold casio watch, vtg gold jewellery, gold tipped nails and the prize possession Chanel bag (which incidentally does not belong to me but is Debra's).

Went shoppin today ard city hall and walked home with (1) new adidas court shoes for the ongoing ivps since my current nikes hv no more grip whatsoever. We won our first game 3-1 against NP btw ^^ (2) a long sleeved cream pajama chiffon lace dress from Topshop which could dbl up as a maternity clothing yet reminded me of marykate (3) Japanese stationery including sparkle ass senbonzakura stickers to zhng my blackberry with. I'm thinkin a blue+pink+gold concept, along with a myriad of blu crystals. Just a fragment of my closet ah-lian.

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