Thursday, September 17, 2009


Outside our apartment is this super cool Sunset Beach wall. Today I decided not to go for french class since my cough is killing me. Instead I shall cook dinner. Die, everyone! My bangs are so overgrown. Dying to go back to London for some shopping (need THESE topshop ashish boots in blk. I tried them on when I was in ldn last, but time didnt permit me to take these 300++sgd babies home, curses), but I think our next stop is Barca!

AA crop tee, H&M skirt

p.s: H&M always has an odd way of disappointing me, like somehow it nv measures up to expectations of price and style... but I managed to find this skirt at the Amsterdam H&M. TREASURE! it's also 1/3 the price of a similar topshop skirt I alr own. 

p.p.s: what can I put behind my ear?


joanne said...

is it not cold over at france???

Denise said...

haha it isnt cold where i am (Nice), because its very far south (near italy and spain).. however i think it is gg to get colder soon, but not to the extent of winter jackets and all that. right now the coldest will be ard 17-18 deg? like aircon i guess!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you're lovely! and I love the skirt. :D