Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Brussels >> Antwerp. At brussels it was all about food and drink. We had rabbit steak, mussels (in brussels), belgian waffles... and we visited a beer brewery. We grew bored of the museum tour itself after awhile and just did jumping shots for abit, inspired by Nadia Samat. Then it was the twerp. There wasn't really much to do so we went shopping, since antwerp was a stopover to ams anw. We also visited a graffiti park. Legal graffiti! Dreaming about mussels in brussels. In Marinara sauce. 


Nadia said...

WHART. unless it was the chaplin jump that i have perfected.

Phoebe said...

who's the mystery girl in the polka dot top in your peekchures! so distracting.

Denise said...

yes it is that very chaplin jump and omg phoebe that is lauren choy -_-'