Monday, September 7, 2009


On saturday, we took a bus from Nice to Monaco. We walked by the beach, photo-hunted swallows at the marina, stared at nice car after nice car, tried our luck at the casinos, wondered how it was possible to have such a high concentration of affluent people in one place... We did want to go clubbin but some of the guys were in shorts. Because there were no transport alternatives after 11:30pm, we hung out at a hotel lobby, before gg to the beach to lie down and took the 5:19am train back to Nice. I woke up at 4pm the next day.

p.s/ Last 2 pictures are of Nice at dawn taken fr my tiny roof window.
p.p.s/ luv swallows.


Megan said...

denise, update poppycocky~ :D

Denise said...

hey megan, we will not be updatin til january when we are back in singapore, so stay tuned for that!! you'll be notified if u are alr in the mailin list :)