Friday, July 17, 2009


Okay so last nite I got majorly wasted. NOT COOL. Only 17yrolds are entitled to Wastedom. Outside Zouk somemore. I throw my face away. Anw, I guess it was because I didn't eat dinner. Must make it a point to always eat. I can't remember what happened for most of the night. I just know I felt like shit today. I don't get hangovers, today was a first. Highlights; We met Gordon the train, FINALLY met up with Bing the Biskuit, bumped into Lauren of Deutsche Bank. SO SRY to my mambo friends E and Y. We didnt dance much this time I guess :( In Nad's words: LESS DRINKY, MORE JIGGY. Piks below (U can tell when the alcohol started to hit. Can't lift my head, can't open eyes. Goddamnit.)

In other news, I met Sandy the veterinarian for lunch + pedi (hullo royal indigo toes) today. MISS YA SANDY! Take care in melbz, I'll see you again when you come back!@3!#!@


liyanasan said...

last picture classic.
you have a bit of michelle and sharon and shihan. AHAHAHAAHAHAH
whose next?

debra said...


Denise said...

hahah lauren said the last pik was taken when i hugged a random girl in the toilet... zzzz.