Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Plasma Girl

It was the usual tuez. Met the sis for lunch, shopped a little, and werked all the way til 10pm. Except I met the guys for beef kway teow supper at Geylang for awhile aft werk. In other news, I've caught a flu bug minus the fever. Hopefully it isnt H1N1 or smthg. I'll prob see the doctor soon as a responsible citizen and skip club nite :( HORROR.

Sixpack France Plasma girl T, Topshop leggings + plimsolls

(cough, cough, cough, wheeze, blowz noze)


joanne said...

your shoe is so adorable looking!!

LYY said...

just a random reader, do u mind sharing where you got your shoes from? i saw a similar colour combo at everlast but it was oos alr.



Denise said...

joanne: thankiuuu :D

LYY: topshop!