Friday, July 24, 2009


It was a queer night. We were there early. Couldn't or rather, didn't want to get too high. The killer combination of sobriety plus suckass music put the S in Sian. So we ended up alternating between Mambo, Phuture and Outside. The highlight of the nite was prob the mash and sausage, although I can totally imagine J going "currypuff". It was a no brainer to go hme early, but I met some of the acjc SB2 people inside. So for nostalgic camaraderie's sake I decided to stay a little longer. We somehow ended up in Velvet, where the music was somewhat better. They played Bloc Party's Helicopter. Finally the Sianess from the start of the night coupled with my phone havin no batt spelt HOME. Then I met B the Ex outside. Which was... idk. Queer. I always imagined a cool reunion, where there's too much to say sorta. O WELL!!! I think it was the last tequila shot (fun!!) that made me feel all queer about it. Next week is birthday week :> Wh00p.

And oh yes, I had grey eyes last nite!! Nt to freakish I hope. GREEN NEXT. Marf.  (Pls excuse the crappy self-indulgent photobooth photos.)


Phoebe said...

how come deb never joins!

Denise said...

cos shes an internship loser!!! she has to get up at 7 plus the next day u see :D