Thursday, May 21, 2009

A pretty FML day

So I had a pretty FML day. All in all very discouraging and I just don't feel like studying anymore. GOOD GOD JUST LET IT BE OVER! Anw, the day out ended with me falling asleep in the train, missing my stop and ending up having to take a cab back. Sons of bitches. The worst part of it all? My usual South Park website is having a server problem and I won't be able to watch any episodes today. OF ALL NIGHTS GODDAMNIT! AND my parents chose tonight to be cranky and pulled a stunt... jesus. 

Well, ownership of the following things would make me feel better: Dream on sequin bead t, acid washed denim jacket, union jack sequin bra, metal rimmed heart tinted glasses & small tattoos:

knight cat, google, and unknown


I guess the only highlight of the day was catching Star Trek with Eugene. It was fantastic!! I finally know who Captain Kirk and Spock are. Though I still consider myself to be marginally more Star Wars than Star Trek. There's something too amazing about being a light saber wielding Jedi. 


Debra said...

I want all of those things too! maybe not the bra though. never gonna wear that. hahaha.

xoxo live long and prosper! gonna name my dog spock next time.

oh said...

is the official

Denise said...

Debra: Live long and prosper! \\//

Oh: OOO!! thx so much!!! was using xepisodes previously :D