Thursday, May 7, 2009

Barney is Bendable Poseable

Michelle turned 18 at midnight. The theme of the night was Barney. Almost all had a hint of purple. I cheated with a colourful tank representing BJ and Baby Bop. Maximized free flo thru wee queue cuttin. Podium dancin. Old skool song screamin. Horny weird angmohs. Hip hop room trippin. Michelle drinkin a little too much. Dirty gucci girl hair. Multiple trips to the toilet. Outside campin. Back in for a little more. Water. Home. Massive picture taking. Pity no thumbnail layout ala the cobrasnake. Here's some. Rest on FB. Time savin thus the cut up sentences. STUDY.  

It was fun. We should do this more often. When exams are not in the way. 


Anonymous said...

Hey may I know what programme you use to do up those banners or logos such as the PCV ones? Is it Adobe Photoshop? They're awesome!

Denise said...

My sister did them for my blog and the shop and if i'm not wrong, she used a combination of adobe photoshop and microsoft powerpoint :)

fernzie said...

hoi! the party looked very fun! how u make the jaggedy light lines, u shake ur cam after u press the button? rotting my ass off in shanghai zzz.

Denise said...

just leave your shutter open, it's the same button as exposure for the ixus.

and at lease you're rottin ur ass off, i have to study my ass off arghhh stresssszz.

bring me a bunny plz :)