Saturday, February 26, 2011


Ugh sufferin from a slight hangover fr ytd. Anw, these were taken ytd bef meeting the E girls @ La Maison for free champagne (which we think they cheated us out of because the bottle finished too damn quickly? There was only enough to go 1.5 rnds and there were only 4 of us? Mutters.)... Feat. my biggest purchase in recent months, the leopard sequin purse bag from Kate Spade. So gorgeous, I love the matte gold and jewel tone patches.


I wish I really wasn't having such a fucking hard time with the break up. I mean, is it because guys are less dependent? Is it because it is my fault that's why it's easier for you to be away from me? Why is it that I need to see you so badly. And why is it that you can never understand that. I just need to see you. Would it srsly hurt to just give me some of your time? I am srsly trying, to give you your space, to be the perfect friend. I guess it just hurts that even when I try so hard, you tell me that you'd rather me not try at all. So this afternoon E tells me that "I think it's better for the both of us if we don't meet/talk to each other for some time". Emotional asymmetry. Fucking joy ride.


COSMIC GATE. Yesterday is yesterday, If we try to recapture it, we'll only lose, tomorrow. Tomorrow. Tomorrow.

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michlhw said...

emotional asymmetry is right!

sorry life sucks right now ::C