Sunday, August 29, 2010


This week I
  1. resisted buying anything while shopping til I saw this gorgeous Kate Spade sequin bag in the KS window. Its the perfect replacement for my Fendi party bag which strap broke :((( Check the beyond cool DNA metal chain, duo coloured sequin body (gold swept one way and silver swept the other way), perfect party size and fabuluz gold dot interior... Best of all it was like 50% AND like not tt exp for me to worry too much about bumping it ard :D It still made a considerable hole in my bank though, gags.
  2. Went for braces consultation at my orthodontist~ From next sat onwards ill have metal in my mouth. Quite excited about the colours and stuff although I know its gonna make me look semi retarded and even younger (like tts possible). Here's to perfect teeth!
  3. Got drunk with my home girl Esther at Loof on Friday night aft a very romantic ice skating date. You guys have got to try the Blkforest Mojito and Snow Peaks. Total yum. And I need more girl nights like this.
  4. Moped around. I havent moped around for awhile and it annoys me that I am. MIND BLEACH. NOW.
  5. Caught Grown Ups with the Barccap ppl that was seriously hilarious as fuck but that's just the kind of humour I appreciate.
  6. Stepped out of my social comfort zone. It was rly awkward in some instances, but it paid off in others. I've got to stop thinking so much and just be myself.

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LVE+JOY said...

That bag is awesome! Perfect for parties it looks so cute. And the chain is awesome, DNA, such a cool idea!
Love your make up also, and your tats!