Saturday, August 7, 2010


  • Navajo aztec Topman t
  • Vtg denim fold ups that I have worn to death and beyond
  • Blk calculator Casio tt my sweetest 15yr old bro got for my birthday
  • Mini hello kitty nailz, TQ LAUREN :D Matches my dope iphone cover.
  • Balenciaga rose gold giant hardware City in Seigle. The colour is most true in the first 2 piks, the bottom 2 makes it look slightly washed out. Seigle is best described as a lightly tanned milk brown w a tinge of pink. It's the most perfect brown ever, and is complemented flawlessly by RGGH. Can't decide if I like this or my SGH Anthra better :o


joanne said...

hey, just checking how much did you pay for the bag. I am getting one this weekend - present from the folks!

*mad excited*

Denise said...

2.1k sgd :)

Anonymous said...

which outlet did you get you topman shirt from? it looks comfy and awesome :) i tried to find it..