Sunday, March 20, 2011


Friday night; Gehttoed at Macronaldz with our Malibu and Bacardi takeaways before heading to Soul. Didnt stay long cos it was way to empty and no one rly seemed to be having a good time. Just in their own worlds techtoniking and shufflin? So aft a tequila shot ($5 only!) we headed to Zouk and IM SO THANKFUL WE DID cos TROUSE BROTHERS was like ASODNASJHASBDASHDBAOMGGGGGGGWTFASDNSKJDAS BEYOND AMAZING. And they seem kind of sexy and handsome in that mysterious F1 way right?!? Went mad at practically every song they spun. We stayed all the way til the lights came on and it felt like I ran 10km at that point of time. Was so beat that I slept the whole of Sat and Sun away... so sad that Iris is leaving for the States next weekend :((( WE, R, SPARTA.

P/s: Does Jermaine look like an azn MKO or does Jermaine look like an azn MKO?!

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