Saturday, November 20, 2010


Cuscaden. Pre-game with beer and vodka. Picked up a Newpaper with Michelle's face in it. Clarissa's ring got caught in her top. Hiked to Wheelock. Iris as fabuluz driver. Butter. Fash was empty like fuck so we had it all to ourselves. Escaped to bump for awhile where we drank ourselves silly with tequila, flamins, vodka, sex on the beach... we even had this weird ass thing called Peanut Butter and Jelly? It was nasty. Pestered the fash DJ for some trance. I think he was annoyed. Nana for the win after that, which was rly epic. Michelle as a living breathing drink coupon decorated with garlands. Got a rly good seat next to the stage. Debra crushin on the lead guitarist. Beer all around. It was 6am. Supper at spize. Got home at 8. GOOD TIMES. We need more public holidays in our calendar~

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Anonymous said...

Michelle is rly pretty! Pity she idn't win :(